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About Us

Hello, I am Chuck Callahan the Owner of Callahans Safety Technology.  I have a Wonderful Wife, three great adult kids, six grand kids and a great-granddaughter.  I spent over 25 years in the Law Enforcement Career field.  In the Military I worked at a Launch Control Facility and Nuclear Missile Silos ensuring no one was able to get to them.  As a Security Administrator at many of our local hospitals including The Children’s Hospital of Denver, I was charged daily with the care of hundreds of patients who were children, their siblings when they came to visit and their parents while they were at our many facilities.  I managed alarm systems, video cameras, parking lot help phones and had to ensure the staff were safe from any wrongdoing as they came to and from work.  I worked the local Rapid Transit District and made riding the trains throughout the metro region as safe as possible and when I worked at their treasury, I accompanied staff members keeping them safe as we worked on ticket and change machines.

When I was in the career field and when I left, I always had and continue to have my children and my wife in mind.  I want to make sure I am providing the safest and securest environment I can and help my son, sons-in-law and grandson-in-law extend this provision to our kids as any father would, except double due to the career I spent most of my time in.

At Callahans we want to extend the same feeling to all our customers.  We want to make sure you have the items you need to keep your family and friends safe and empowered in this crazy changing world we live in today. From the time they wake to the time they go to bed and even while they are sleeping.  We are all about You!  We want to make sure your wife is safe when she is out jogging with her friends or is headed to and from work in her car, on the bus or in the train.  When the kids go to the park playground.  When they are on their way to school and on the way home from school.  The same for you as you go to and from work and to the gym or out running with your friends.

We feel we have the devices to empower you and your family enabling you to have the feeling they are going to be safe and as secure as you can get them in the most cost-effective way.  Our staff are professionals who do not just sell products.  We want to sell you the best product for the best price and the ones that meet your needs.  We do not want our products to be bought and sit in a drawer.  We want them to be in reach for that unexpected moment.  When someone tries to kidnap one of your kids at the park, when your wife has her headphones on and is jogging along the trail by the woods alone after she gets home from work. Your daughter’s first year at college.  She spends most of her time studying in the dorm while her upper-class roommate is out with friends or when she decides to stay at the dorm for the holiday break to study and be better prepared for finals.

Your grandson-in-law works a lot because he is trying to get some money in some accounts for their first child they are expecting.  You daughter is home alone much of the time until he arrives after she has gone to bed so she can get up early for work.  Your granddaughter is headed to the doctor’s office for your great-granddaughter’s appointment.  She must travel from her house in the suburbs, through some shady neighborhoods to the inner city where the doctor office is located.  Does she have a means of protection in case someone should try to harm her or kidnap your great-granddaughter?  She keeps telling you she has her cellphone but what good is that going to do besides call for help.  She could throw it at someone and maybe hit them in the right spot and knock them out, keep dreaming.

You can provide your family and friends with some of the basic security and safety devices to provide as safe and secure of an empowering environment as you can.  Door, motion, and glass break alarms for the homes.  Stun Guns on the nightstands in the bedrooms.  Fur Ball personal alarms for the kids when they go to the park or maybe a personal alarm if they are older.  A Stun Gun for your wife and a Brutus Keychain just in case she forgets to take the Stun Gun out of her purse and ready if she needs it. 

Your Grandson-in-law gets some of the same things you have at your home plus some Pepper Gel, a Stun Gun and a Fur Ball alarm for the diaper bag and your granddaughter’s purse.  He cannot forget the pool alarm.  They bought a house with a pool.  Do not forget the guys all get Stun Guns and a pocketknife.  Oh, and do not forget the Camouflage BashLite for the guys too, they are cool.  One last thought.  Dashcams for all the cars for those unexpected moments while driving.

Get the idea.  It is not about me or my staff becoming rich.  It is about you having what you need not only for your own protection but your family and friends.’  The best thing is we have some good prices to where you do not have to break the bank.  Great gifts for the holidays and Birthdays.  Graduation Gifts for those headed to college.  Perhaps a Super Door Stop Alarm for the college dorm room $9.95.

Callahans is just what you need for empowering family members and friends and comfort for you.  All you need to do next is look at what we have to offer on the website and let us know if you should have any questions about products.  Not sure what you are looking for or you are not quite sure of what you might need?  We are an e-mail, phone call or text message away.  I may be the owner, but I am never unavailable to a customer or potential customer.  You can reach me in the same manner, and I will get back to you personally, as soon as, I get your message.  You can also visit our blog page.  We may have already covered your question there.  Our knowledgeable and Professional Staff are waiting to hear from you.

Dislike something? Let us know so we can do better and always let us know what you like!

Thanks for visiting our site.  We hope you are able to find what you need and help to protect or maybe even save someone close to you with one of our products.

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