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3 New Diversion Safes

We have just added 3 new Diversion Safes, a Tomato Juice, Potato Sticks and a Monster Energy Drink. These products are available on the site …

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What would I recommend for anyone to carry with them daily?

This is an easy question for me to answer and it is a frequently asked question. My three recommendations are to carry a Stungun, Pepper …

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“We have a new product!”

We have a new item!  We have a new product to replace the old Dog Repeller.  The Safety Technology Electronic Dog Repeller/Trainer is now available.  …

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What Device Should I Carry for My Protection?

From time to time I get questioned and thought I would put those questions into my blog. The first question is which device should I …

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Follow up with Jane from last post

Jane realized her intuition was what she should have followed.  Her Elderly neighbors are who found her and they had already spoken to her about …

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At Callahans Safety Technology we are extremely concerned about you, your families and friends, Safety and Security.  This extends not only from bodily indents but …

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New Products to Check Out

Small Alarmed Padlock – SKU: ALRMLCK-SM Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Flashing LED – SKU:DM-IRSOLAR Solar Powered Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Flashing LED – …

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Survival Products Discontinued

The Survival Products have not been a very big seller so we have decided to discontinue those products for the time being. Not sure if …

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Welcome to the Callahans Safety Technology Blog!

Hello Everyone!  I decided to start out my blog with a bit of info on myself, my family, and my career in Law Enforcement/Security.  I …

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