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Follow up with Jane from last post

Jane realized her intuition was what she should have followed.  Her Elderly neighbors are who found her and they had already spoken to her about calling them before a situation like this comes up again before I spoke with her.

My suggestions for her:

  1. Definitely follow her “intuition.” Women have a better intuition than men.
  2. When single, male or female, always have someone with you when you are meeting with a person you do not know.
  3. Never do this type of a meeting when it is dark, you want to be very visible so others can see.
  4. If she would have had one of our personal protective device, such as Pepper Spray, Stun gun,  Brutus, Pepper Gel, etc., I do believe this incident would have ended differently with possible arrest of the perpetrator.
  5. Have a small gathering of friends over before the time of the meeting and have one or two of them go out with you.
  6. Meet at a police station parking lot.  Call your local police department or substation and let them know what you are doing and all the details.  See if they have an area where you can park and be safe.  Our local police department has a special area for people who are buying items online.  There are cameras going inside to the dispatch center and lighting.

I could probably go on even more about ways to prevent this type of an incident from happening.  The main point to this is to be visible, never alone, have a defensive method readily available. If you do use a defensive device be sure you know how to use it and its’ limitations.  Make sure the device has been tested.

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