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At Callahans Safety Technology we are extremely concerned about you, your families and friends, Safety and Security.  This extends not only from bodily indents but also property.  Everyone of us deserves the right to an environment safe from any form of bodily harm from another person and to having home, workplace, routes to and from work community of the same.  Unfortunately, the world has turned to a violent state.  We are no longer safe in any form of our lives.  Your children are no longer safe attending public or private schools.  It only takes one seemingly innocent incident to change someone’s life forever.

Several years ago when I was a photojournalist with a local internet based organization, I had the privilege to meet a young woman who had a horrific incident happen to her which I believe would have never happened if she had the proper self-defense product and backup.  I will first tell you about her and the incident and then follow with my opinion of the incident and what could have possibly saved her life.  I will be using a fake name and location to protect her and her identity.

Jane was a successful woman, unmarried and living alone in a suburban area, what had been known as safe and friendly part of Major City, USA.  Major City, USA had the contrary.  She had just purchased a new vehicle and placed her used one for sale in a local publication.  She lived alone, was not married or in a serious relationship at the time.  Her neighborhood was occupied by successful businessmen and women, such as herself, and a wide variety of age groups enabling her to develop friendships with several generations of individuals if she desired. She was friends with her neighbors on either side.  She had an elderly retired couple living on one side and a couple about her age on the other. 

She had the vehicle on sale for several days until she finally had a, what appeared to be, possible buyer or interested call.  After speaking with the individual, she agreed to meet with the person later in the evening of the next day.  She arrived home at a normal time, fixed herself some dinner and settled in and was waiting for the interested person to arrive to look at her vehicle.  The doorbell rang and when she opened the door she was faced with a somewhat unkempt individual.  Her Womanly intuition, which I will discuss later, kicked in, but not nearly to the point she would call off the meeting.  She needed to get the vehicle sold so she could lower her insurance rate and not have to worry about it sitting on the street, unprotected from the weather and possible criminal activity, which is possible in any city of its type.

She grabbed her keys and coat, it was a cool winter evening, and walked out to her car to meet the individual, who had walked out to the car ahead of her.  She met with him and started telling him about the car when he asked her if he could start it up, hear how it runs and take it for a test drive.  Her Women’s Intuition kicked in again, which we will talk about later as I stated before.  She said she would start it up, but she was not prepared to let him take it for a drive yet.  She pulled the keys out of her coat pocket and was walking from the front passenger side of the vehicle, on the sidewalk, where she and he were standing, to the driver’s side door.  He walked very closely behind her at an uncomfortable distance to her.  She turned and unlocked the door at which time the man grabbed the hand with the keys.  He said in a very rough tone to give him the keys. 

Jane began to get in a push and shove match which got worse as she tried keeping him from getting the keys.  As she tussled with him, she felt something very sharp in her lower abdomen.  As the pain began to get unbearable, she felt another, and then another.  He grabbed her by the head and pounded it into the side of the car till she lost all ability to defend herself and fell to the ground, by the car, in the cold and wet street.  He pushed her aside, got into the car and drove past her and away.  She could do nothing as she lay in the street bleeding to which she thought was to b e her death.  She started to black out when she heard a familiar voice.  Her retired neighbor was next to her to wake up and if she was okay?  He was kneeling next to her and said he was not leaving her side.  He yelled to his wife at their door and told her to call the police and for an ambulance.  He stayed by her side until a barrage of police vehicles and an ambulance arrived to help her.  A police officer, Officer Goodman, was now kneeling by her side as paramedics began assessing to her needs and loading her into the ambulance.  He followed with her to the ambulance asking questions as to what had happened.  She said she was very afraid and did not want to die.  The officer said he was not leaving her side and did not as she was put in a hospital bed in the Emergency Room of her local hospital

Jane had several Hematomas on her head she had limited vision in her right eye and no vision in her left.  She had been stabbed in the excess of 5 times, luckily, they were not in any of her vital organs.  Even though they were not in any of her organs she still could have bled to death due to the wounds she had which included her legs and arms.  One of her first concerns was whether he had raped her?  The medical staff assured her she had not, which she became very relieved about.

Jane was taken to surgery where she had several procedures done due to injuries she received from the knife.  She had a fracture in her skull which was seen after noticing all the hematomas on her head which were able to be treated without surgery.  Jane was in the hospital for several weeks and then released.  One of her male friends stayed by her, after being notified by her family who all lived out of state, stayed by her side and at her home for a few weeks, shortly after became her husband.  She recovered from the injuries and went back to work.  She decided to stay in the same home until she found out a couple of years later, she had become pregnant and they would need more room.  So, you ask what happened to the animal who attacked her? 

Jane’s Assailant to this day is still on the loose in the community, to everyone’s knowledge.  There have been no leads due to her description being that of many men in her community.  The vehicle has not been found.

Stay tuned for my next Blog entry to hear Jane’s thoughts and concerns and my recommendations and input.

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