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Welcome to the Callahans Safety Technology Blog!

Hello Everyone!  I decided to start out my blog with a bit of info on myself, my family, and my career in Law Enforcement/Security.  I am Charles (Chuck) Callahan, the Founder, and Owner of Callahans Safety Technology. 

I was born in Denver, Colorado, and most of my younger life in Arvada, Colorado.  I joined the United States Air Force and graduated from the Air Force Security Police Academy and served 4 Years at Francis E. Warren Air Force Basel in Cheyenne, Wyoming, launching my Law Enforcement Career.  I worked with Nuclear Missiles. After the Military, I worked in Private Security and Investigations, Healthcare Security Management/Administration and, as a Transit and Treasury Officer for our local Rapid Transit Division.  I spent those years as an officer, manager, administrator, and educator in all aspects of Security and Law Enforcement. I designed, built, and maintained security systems for commercial and healthcare facilities and educated employees of those facilities, as well as other officers and visitors, on all aspects of Personal Safety and Security and Safety Technology.

After 25+ years of Law Enforcement, I had a medical incident that ended my career and sent me down a different path.  I wanted to stay in or as close to Law Enforcement as I could after spending so many years training officers, working as an Administrator, and educating the public on Safety, Security, and Risk Management issues.  I met some great individuals who run the largest Security and Safety Technology Warehouse, in the country, and started Callahans Safety Technology. 

I am Married to my wonderful wife Cheryl.  We live in Parker, Colorado.  We have three adult children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  Cheryl works in the Douglas County School System as a Para for Children with Special Needs at a local Elementary.  She also has her own House Cleaning Business. 

Well, enough about me for now.  You can read more about us in the “About” section of this website.   Keep on checking back for information about our products, new products, reviews, and products we are discontinuing.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions.  Also, please do not bully, harass, or belittle anyone on the blog.  I don’t feel I will need to police questions and comments so be nice to all, and racial or political comments will not be tolerated.



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