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What Device Should I Carry for My Protection?

From time to time I get questioned and thought I would put those questions into my blog. The first question is which device should I carry with me for my protection? This is an overly broad question.  I would have to have the person explain a bit further to get a whole picture of them.  I would start like this:

Where do they live?

What is the crime rate where they live?

Do they have a garage they park their car in?

How do they get to work?

Drive and park at work in an open surface parking lot owned by the company?  Patrolled by security?  On site or a vehicle patrol?

Walk to bus or train?

How long do they have to wait for either above?


As you can see there are many questions, I would ask to get a more defined picture of who they are and where they live and work. 

When I was working security, I used to do an annual security analysis of the buildings inside and out and the area around them.  I would get a report on the crime rate and do employee surveys about their feelings on how protected they feel at work and going to and from work?  After getting all this information I would determine where their risk areas are and how they can resolve them. 

I can do the same thing with an individual wanting to protect themselves.  There are several factors both of you need to think of.  They also must be comfortable with a product and its’ use, i.e., telling a person who hates guns to carry a gun is not good, they would be more afraid of the gun and using it to where they could be worse off if someone attacked them.  The same with a Taser, Stun Gun, or Chemical Spray.  The person needs to understand the product, be willing to practice with it, and be comfortable using it.

In the next post I will talk more about this question:  “which device should I carry with me for my protection.?

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